On the road

Week roundup

Two weeks and everything, because I’m lazy and a little bit busy. I spent the past two weekends seeing Die Ärzte again, three times in two different cities in the middle of Germany. It was great, the setlist was perfect and I managed to catch up with my brother (who I only see a couple of times a year as he still lives and works in Cologne) and a couple of friends. I clearly need to get out of Berlin more often, this city just sucks you up and it’s just too easy to get stuck here. Maybe I should make going away on the weekends a regular thing instead of blowing way too much money on going out to the same parties and places in Berlin over and over again. It’s be so much more fun actually. Apart from that, you can tell I’m in love with the I’ma Unicorn app – it’s the best thing ever when you’re bored on the train, waiting in the rain for seven hours or just trying to impress your friends. I’m now back in the city with a normal work week coming up, a tattoo appointment tomorrow (some more work on my lower right arm, I can’t wait!) and hopefully celebrations for the start of the Cologne carnival season on Sunday (I know, I know).

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