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Borders of the universe

Medium: www.youtube.com

Today I finally found an online stream of an amazing documentary I saw on TV about a year ago. One of the best and most fascinating documentaries about the universe I have seen so far. Watching it doesn’t only make you feel incredibly small, it also makes you realise all the silly and trivial things we worry about when there’s so much stuff going on out there. Crazy and unreal but totally worth watching (even if you don’t speak German, the pictures are amazing, too). Yes, I admit it, call me a hipster but I do reblog orion nebula photos on Tumblr and I am absolutely fascinated by the beauty of the universe and all the mysteries behind it.

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  • Sarah oooh DANKE DANKE, hast mir meinen tag - ach was meine woche versüßt! ich liebe dokus über das universum seit ich als kleines kind ab und an durch zufall mal quarks und co oder was auch immer geguckt habe! diese bilder sind waaaahnsinn! merci merci merci! :D